Delaware Valley Travel Circuit

Delaware Valley Travel Circuit

PSA Recognition PSA-2023-252

The Delaware Valley Travel Circuit offers you the opportunity to have your work judged in two sections, Photo Travel-People and Photo Travel – Places, by three separate online panels with judges from all over the world. This year the circuit will not give special honors and medals to members of DVCCC clubs. We hope to resume it next time. 

There will be three judgings in the circuit and two sections:
Photo Travel—People (PSA PTD)
Photo Travel—Places (PSA PTD)


The following medals will be awarded:
— A PSA Gold Medal for “Best in Show” in each judging
— DVCCC silver medal in each section
— Three DVCCC bronze judges’ choice medals in each section
— 10 Honorable Mentions in each section


Entry closing               October 23, 2023
Entry judging              November 1 -13, 2023
Report card                 November 27, 2023
Catalog                        January 12, 2024
Awards                        January 12, 2024
Online gallery             January 12, 2024

Image specifications

All digital images MUST be in sRGB color space, in JPG format and are limited to a maximum size of 2Mb and 1920 x1080 pixels.

Entry fees

General Fees:               $15 for one section and $25 for two sections

Group discounts will be offered. See entry rules for full details.



Judy Burr, USA, APSA, MPSA

Donna Osborne, USA, PPSA, AFIAP

Tom Tauber, USA, APSA, MPSA


Dee Langevin, USA, GMPSA

Carolyn Todd-Larson, USA, PPSA, AFIAP

David Woodthorpe, England, PPSA

Pine Barrens

Margaret Hennes, USA, PPSA

Marie H Schreiber, USA, APSA, PPSA

Tony Potter, England, FPSA, GMPSA/B

Report Card and Catalog

The Catalog will be an electronic PDF file. The results and catalog will be published on the website. All entrants can view and download the electronic catalog from the website.

All entrants will receive their report cards via e-mail (the one used at registration) with the scores for each image.

Contact Information

Delaware Valley Circuit Chair:
Valentina Sokolskaya, APSA, MPSA2, EFIAP